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Hendrix tgjp at thezone.net
Mon Jul 10 06:29:26 PDT 2000

Richard wrote:
> > Does the kernel automatically load into RAM after it uncompresses (on
> > bootup)...  ??
> There is nowhere else for it to go.
> Root is not even mounted yet, and when mounted later, it is it will probably
> be
> read only.

But if the root directory is mounted read-only (like it is on my orginal
distribution), how is it that I am able to write to it...  For example,
the /etc directory on my distribution is under the root directory (which
is mounted in lilo.conf as being read-only), but I am still able to edit
files there...  On my LFS system (which lilo.conf also says read-only) I
am not premitted to write to the system...  Why is this...???

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