Backuping LFS

Oliver yeap at
Sat Jul 8 13:45:09 PDT 2000


I have some suggestions about the Linux From Scratch book.
I was 2 things missing.

It would be great if the book would have a section how to
backup the complete LFS basic system in such a way,
that it would be easy to install it on the same
(if you replace the old harddrive by a new one) or another computer 
again, without having to pre-install a normal Linux distribution and
compiling all sources again.
Especially because i want to create the LFS on a fast Pentium 2 Computer
with 128MB Ram and install the created LFS on a very slow 486 DX 33 MHz with
8 MB Ram where compiling would take too long.

I was also missing in the basic system a kind of
packet manager like Red Hat Package Manager or the one
from Debian.
With such a tool it would be easier to reinstall a software
that was before installed and compiled on the LFS system.

 Oliver Correll

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