Pam Howto - (Preliminary)

Greg T Hill greghill at
Sat Jul 8 13:22:37 PDT 2000

> Beau Bellamy wrote:
> Hello all!
> I've decided to take up writing a HOWTO for PAM. since no one has stepped forward..
> With the help of Andrew Morgan (maintainer of Linux-PAM) i have created a Preliminary Howto for PAM!
> You can access it at..
> or since is my LFS server and may be down while rebooting between mandrake and LFS.. i also have a copy on geocities...
> This is a WORK IN PROGRESS! It's only two pages and isnt in howto form yet.   The `From Scratch' compiles, but doesn't quite work right on my machine (yet).. so do NOT install it unless you have a knack for trouble shooting and/or love living on the edge.  please send me log entries pertaining to PAM once installed...
> Thank you, Beau Bellamy (beau at

Glad to see someone doing this.  I compiled PAM after much aggravation and locating a fix for the glibc problems on the PAM mailing list. which I posted to lfs-apps.  I have it installed but it is just laying there unconfigured. I installed it with libpwddb which I got from Caldera's 2.2 SRPM's  and requires an
(included) patch. I also installed tcpwrappers, the two can work together. Unfortunately, I'm like the yappy little dog who catches a car and realizes he doesn't know how to drive....I don't want to -cut,paste, edit- from another distro as this would defeat my purpose for doing LFS.  I haven't gone any further due to
time constraints and more urgent projects, but I plan on setting up my LFS system for dialup with mgetty and OpenSSH at some future point and would like to implement PAM then.
"Eric A. Ayer"  <mwalker at>  posted 6/16  to lfs-discuss: "There was some talk a while ago about including it in LFS, and I've kind of been waiting for someone else to figure it out and implement it, but that someone else is just gonna have to be me."  You may want to contact him and see how far he has gotten.

For LFS etiquette this should probably go to lfs-apps,  and the volume is much lower there so your progress will be easier to track.

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