Unpacking .bz2

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at gmx.de
Sat Jul 8 02:34:28 PDT 2000

When fetching the tar tarball I discovered the patch so I also got that.
I applied it before building and it works fine.

My reason was:
bz2 has better compression, so I wanted to replace gzip by bzip2 
wherever possible. And it is easy to remember to use y instead of x.

Second tar does normally support gz which is also an additional pack,
and as bz2 becomes more and more common I did not understand why
tar has not yet support for bz2 inside. 

I suppose tar is not yet supporting bz2 because in former times the gz
was standard and bz2 not used that much. But it becomes popular now,
and therefore I consider a patched tar to be modern standard. And I was
astonished you did not mention that in the book.

If you just give a note like, if you want to use bz2 with tar apply the patch
before building, people at least know there is a possibility of integrating
bz2 to tar and how to do that. The decission is then up to them.


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