Pam Howto - (Preliminary)

Beau Bellamy beau at
Sat Jul 8 00:54:13 PDT 2000

Hello all!

I've decided to take up writing a HOWTO for PAM. since no one has stepped forward..

With the help of Andrew Morgan (maintainer of Linux-PAM) i have created a Preliminary Howto for PAM!

You can access it at.. or since is my LFS server and may be down while rebooting between mandrake and LFS.. i also have a copy on geocities...

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS! It's only two pages and isnt in howto form yet.   The `From Scratch' compiles, but doesn't quite work right on my machine (yet).. so do NOT install it unless you have a knack for trouble shooting and/or love living on the edge.  please send me log entries pertaining to PAM once installed...

Thank you, Beau Bellamy (beau at
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