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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Jul 7 13:36:11 PDT 2000

> OK, I'm working on my first 2.3.5 install, having done a successfull 2.3.4
> install on a different machine.
> I've been bitten by the bin86/linux86 problem. I'm in the chroot'd
> environment and can't get either one to compile. Well, not exactly true.
> Here's the outcome: linux86 won't make at all. With bin86, I can't do what
> the book says, which is "make -e", but it will compile with just plain
> "make". I'm forging ahead and hoping this is OK. I know this has been
> prolifically discussed on the mailing list, but alas: (1) these messages
> haven't made it to the mailing list archive yet, and (2) I didn't save
> them myself. 

The general fix is get rid of bin86 and use linux86 (the link is

If you have problems compiling linux86, please insert the output of
'make' in here. linux86 instructions:
cd as; make as86; make install
cd ../ld; make ld86; make install

To comment on the problems with the -e parameter: the -e option will be
removed from 2.3.6. Although it doens't hurt to override CFLAGS in
Makefile files for the basic system software it does hurt a package or
two that aren't menioned in the book. It's better then not to teach to
install software with 'make -e'.

Gerard Beekmans

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