Chapter 5... chroot'ed, but no luck...

Hendrix tgjp at
Thu Jul 6 14:59:33 PDT 2000

Hi there,

I recently completed the static install of all packages in the first
part of chapter 5, then, when I use the 'chroot' command to default to
my lfs partition, nothing works....  I can understand that some of the
programs that I normally use (like vi, clear etc...) are not available
but why can't I compile 'ed'....  When I try to 'configure' 'ed' I get a
file not found error...  The command-line and error report looks like

	bash-2.04# ./configure --prefix=/usr
	bash: ./configure: No such file or directory

I know that 'configure' is in the directory, and I know for sure that my
commmand above executes the script, but I am assuming that the
'configure' script, itself, is referring to a file that do not exist...

Help anyone...
Trevor Penney, 
A+, Network+ Certified
"That's alright, I still got my guitar"... 
-James Marshall Hendrix (11/27/1942-09/18/1970)
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