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Donnie Roos list at
Thu Jul 6 10:27:29 PDT 2000

At 03:50 AM 7/6/00 -0800, you wrote:
>i reallize the end  result is nothing but a mess that somehow
>magically works!

I got this "magically works" feeling when using Redhat & Slackware.
files all over the place and no idea where to start to understand it all.
I wanted to install from scratch and luckily for me thats when I
found LFS.

>The Problem: unmanaged, unassociated...

Uhhm, no. I manage my system. I want/need to know the associations.

The problem seems to be that (bold statement coming up) you do not
understand everything that is happening. Using package management will
not solve your confusion. With package mangement files will be added
to your system, extra packages will need to be installed (dependancies)
and all this happens with you unaware of why these things are needed.

>The Solution: Something like an RPM or DEB package management  system...
>(from scratch of course) WHY? Especially when new  versions make files
>that were installed previously obsolete..

If you want to have it managed for you why not use Redhat
or Debian ?
use your knowledge to create a "standard" distribution to your liking
but don't add that stuff to LFS.

Donnie Roos

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