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Beau Bellamy beau at
Thu Jul 6 04:50:29 PDT 2000

After having successfully installed the LFS system and a few other programs like sshd, apache, php, etc...  i reallize the end result is nothing but a mess that somehow magically works!

The Problem:
Files all over...  unmanaged, unassociated...

The Solution:
Something like an RPM or DEB package management system... (from scratch of course)

It would ease upgrading -  Especially when new versions make files that were installed previously obsolete..
It would allow easier uninstall - So you dont have to track down every single file...  Binaries, Libraries, etc...

Installing apps from sources would be a little more complicated but the whole system would be alot more organized!

We could use one of the existing package managment systems (dpkg, rpm - and make a link so 'lfs' points to one of them... Making it an LFS package system. ;-)  Or we could totally program our own package management system..    good luck!  I would be willing to help with such an effort as I have moderate C/C++ skills.

What do you think?

Beau Bellamy (beau at
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