gcc 2.95.2 problems

Collins Richey richey3 at wt.net
Wed Jul 5 19:48:51 PDT 2000

I've had a number of problems with the compiler.

I installed both the dynamic version (local system) and the
static version (LFS) using CFLAGS='-O3 -mcpu=i586 -march=i586".

  1) could not get glibc to compile using the local compiler. 
autoconf kept reporting unknown gcc version, but when I executed
the comiler standalone, it reported the correct version.  I
compiled glibc with egcs; no errors.
2) When I entered the chroot environment, I got Internal
comipler error: porgram as got fatal signal 4 on all attempts.
3) reverting to the local system, I tried the dynamic version to
compile hello.c - success.  The static linked version got
invalid instruction in as.

Any suggestions?

Collins Richey

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