Setting up CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS...

noadie noadie at
Wed Jul 5 16:21:41 PDT 2000

Klaus Berbach wrote:

> Where Do you export them (does it matter) and  is there also a setting for smp ? 
> Btw., could CFLAGS be interchanged with some other name or mußt it be CFLAGS ?!
> Basically, is it a variable like any other or a fixed one ?
> Finally, as soon as I exportet this, how do I use it ? make -$CFLAGS -$CXXFLAGS ?
> I also fell over something called Bootstraps. Anyone any clue what this may be ?

CFLAGS is a standard Makefile setting, but not all programs use it.

This how I use it.
export CFLAGS="compile options" ; ./configure --prefix=/usr ; make -e

export -n CFLAGS removes it from the shell environment.

gcc-2.9.5 uses the Bootstraps option to compile itself in three 
stages. Comparing itself too itself along the way. Hopefully this
ensures a good build.

Harold Noad
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