net-tool won't compile

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Wed Jul 5 15:32:37 PDT 2000

+-ktb-(kbrede at[05.07.00 23:45]:
> I tried both 1.54 and 1.56 and get the same error message listed below.
> I'm following the directions where you "rm sh; ln -s bash203 sh"  and then
> after compiling return the link to sh as it was.  Anyway how can I get
> around this?

Did you install the bash203? If you did it as 2.3.5b described, you have
just compiled bash204... 

So "ln -s bash203 sh" has no effect. Try "ls -l /bin/bash203" to see if 
exists. If so it should work, if not (what I think is the solution)
link sh again to bash with "ln -s bash sh" and go on...

PS: Never try to install latest KDE2-Snapshots. They will make you 
PPS: Had to be said.
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