Very very BASIC/SIMPLE installation...

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Jul 4 09:13:29 PDT 2000

> Is it possible to have a system boot with only three packages.....1. The
> Kernel (Obviously), 2. SysVinit, 3. Bash?  I assume so, even though you
> wouldn't be able to do much, if anything, from within 'bash'!*s*  Just
> wondering...

Actually you can get away with two packages. Kernel and bash. Perhaps
you want lilo as well (or lilo instead of sysvinit). Pass "lfskernel
init=/bin/bash" to LILO and you'll have bash. Or, just 'lfskernel'. The
kernel looks for a few programs and I believe either /bin/sh or
/bin/bash is the last one the kernel checks for.

Gerard Beekmans

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