Finshed... but probs... Please help me...

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Tue Jul 4 04:49:24 PDT 2000


>You aren't by a chance using a shared binaries linked to libncurses ?
>is mounted on an other volume ? And the mount has failed (your fstab may
>anything, but you need to see what's actually mounted). For example, if
>is a separate file system from /, all your binaries in /bin and /sbin
>use shared libraries will *not* work, unless /usr is mounted, which can
>This is a good reason for *not* using dynamically linked executables in
>and /sbin.
>So - replace /bin/bash with the static bash from the bootstrap (pre
>lfs, then try again.

Nononono... what good is that? in 2.3.5b, Bash is linked to Ncurses and
these libraries are installed in /usr/lib, which does NOT help when you
can't run a bash script to mount the damn think, so i say to everyone to
just 'mv /usr/lib/lib*curses* /lib; ldconfig' (talking using multiple
partitions here.. /, /usr, etc)

>BTW, Gerard, I really think you should consider *not* supporting
>linked bash because of this. Everything speaks for multiple file systems
>instead of just one, and in the case of /usr/lib mounted somewhere else,
>things can get really bad.

I really don't see the point, if your dynamic libraries are messed so is
everything else on the system, i just keep my bootable Slack7 systems around
if in trouble. (and a .tar.gz'd glibc)

Allthough having a static bash around (/bin/bash1 perhaps) isn't all that a
bad idea, i just don't _really_ see where it comes in handy wheneverything
else will be messed up :(

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