Compiling 'bzip2', the $(LDFLAGS) modification...

Hendrix tgjp at
Mon Jul 3 23:47:32 PDT 2000

Hi again,

The book (2.3.5b) reads that I should append "$(LDFLAGS)" after
"$(CCFLAGS), without the quotes, after every instance of "$(CC)
$(CCFLAGS) -o"...  I find two instances of this string in the


There are other strings that contain "$(CC) $(CCFLAGS)", but not the
full string "$(CC) $(CCFLAGS) -o". Does this insertion of "$(LDFLAGS)"
apply to these other strings as well, or only the strings that have an
"-o" at the end of them (like the book says)...

Thanks again...*smile*
Trevor Penney, 
A+, Network+ Certified
"That's alright, I still got my guitar"... 
-James Marshall Hendrix (11/27/1942-09/18/1970)
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