i've made a start

Hendrix tgjp at thezone.net
Mon Jul 3 23:17:04 PDT 2000

A swap partition needs to be different sizes for different purposes... 
I usually judge a swap under the following criteria:

1. If you have 8MB of RAM: Swap should be 32MB (4xRAM)...
2. If you have 16MB of RAM: Swap should be 40MB (2.5xRAM)...
3. If you have 32MB of RAM: Swap should be 64MB (2xRAM)...
4. If you have >= 64MB of RAM: Swap should be 64MB...
5. For intense usage and heavy load, 96MB is a good figure...

It is recommended that the current state of GNU/LINUX, dictates swap to
be no bigger than 64MB for average use, otherwise, swap space will be
wasted.   For intense usage, anymore than 96MB will be a waste.... 

andrew sprott wrote:
> well folks, i've got so sick of 98 crashin every five seconds, so i've
> made a start.
> i've partition the remainin 13gb of my disk thus
> hda5=64mb : this is where the lfs boot partition will go
> hda6=64mb : the suse 6.4 boot partition
> hda7=10gb : i'm doin a complete install of suse from a dvd
> hda8=3gb : this will be the lfs partition
> and a 128mb swap partition
> once lfs is installed, hda6 will become /root and hda8 will
> become /home.
> i've downloaded the contents of the ftp site and i'm goin to start
> the lfs install with version, err, the howto doesn't say what version
> it's dated 26th march 2000.
> anyway, ere we go
> andrew sprott
> www.btinternet.com/~talisoft
> and for a insight to windows goto
> www.btinternet.com/~talisoft/html/wingedows.html

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