gcc won't compile/bootstrap error

John Phillips lfs at linux.demon.co.uk
Mon Jul 3 10:28:34 PDT 2000

Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote

>                                           ...  Also, the binutils-2.9.5.x.x
> series is seriously flawed.  I could not even compile emacs 20.6 with it
> (rather - it compiled but emacs always segfaults).  I recompiled my entire
> system with binutils- and everything functions as it should - no
> segfaults anywhere.

I note that binutils 2.10 was recently announced:

June 19, 2000: binutils 2.10 released 
    The first stable binutils release in over two years, 2.10 includes
    many new features, ports, and the addition of the ever-lovable utility
    readelf. Read the NEWS file for more details on what's included in
    2.10. Or go straight to the ftp directory to download 2.10.

I needed to upgrade from to to get glibc to compile
(without a segfault) on my LFS 2.3.5b system.

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