LILO boot floppy

John Phillips lfs at
Sun Jul 2 01:57:16 PDT 2000


After building a kernel at the start of chapter 8, one possible option
is to make a LILO boot floppy.  This works for me:

# mke2fs /dev/fd0
# mount /dev/fd0 /mnt
# cp /boot/boot.b /mnt
# cp /boot/lfskernel /mnt
# echo append=\"mem=96M\" image=/mnt/lfskernel read-only label=lfs | \
        lilo -C - -b /dev/fd0 -i /mnt/boot.b -m /mnt/map -c
# umount /mnt

The append=\"mem=96M\" is specific to my BIOS and memory size.  The rest
is generic.

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