lfs-2.4.3 - glibc installing

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Fri Dec 1 17:37:39 PST 2000

+-Matthias Benkmann-(mbenkmann at gmx.de)-[02.12.00 02:31]:
> > 
> > Ever thought of a new/additional machine?
> Why would that require more than just copying the system? Unless it's a 
> whole new architecture (i.e. PowerPC instead of x86) all that I would have 
> to recompile is the kernel. All of the other programs I can just copy 
> unchanged.

One thing why I am using is LFS is the optimization for every package -
If you compile all your programs for i386 you are right. But mine is AMD
Thunderbird - if I want to put that on our little 486-router it won't

And sometimes even a Linux-system needs a cleanup :) And redoing
everything from scratch is often easier to do that.


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