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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Aug 30 04:49:53 PDT 2000

> Ok, everyone CLAM DOWN...take a deep breath, allright, we don't need
> another flame war.

That's why I haven't replied much to this thread...

<cut Jesse's reply>

I understand everbody's point of views and all I have to say is that I regret 
the errors the book might have. Though I literally copy/paste every single 
command every single time I release a book (I even copy/paste the "cd $LFS" 
commands just to make sure...) certain errors stay behind. Don't ask me how 
it happens but it does. Most of these 'errors' are just confusion among you 
readers. I know exactly how things need to be done and everything makes sense 
to me, but not to everybody else. So you perceive something as an error, you 
then fix it to the best of your knowledge and it doesn't work. And you 
discovered a bug. Call it a bug in my explanation and not in the installation 
method. And the list goes on.

Yes, sometimes I leave bugs in the book. There are a few minor issues in 2.4 
that i haven't resolved yet, but nothing major. I had to release the 2.4 book 
last monday because I simply promised it. People were expecting it and time 
was pressing (looking at the 2.2 release date of way too long ago). So I 
wrapped it up and released it. I've build 3 or 4 LFS systems in the past days 
with LFS-2.4 on my own system and on certain servers on my work, or for 
work's clients. So it was well tested but no, not perfect.

<Quote from David>
Until he gets paid for writing this in his spare time you got a HELL of a
lot of nerve crackin off about. Make it stabler!, I do this and I do that
and I never would.

Actually, I do get paid for it. I was hired by BC Publishing (mainly) because 
of the LFS work I've done and Bryan Dumm (you've probably seen him on the 
mailinglists or on IRC as bdumm) expects me to keep the LFS work up. But I do 
have other things to do. Just take a look at this week's TODO list. It 
doesn't leave all that much room for LFS and at night I like to spend time 
with Beverly as well (Beverly's my wife).

And like Jesse told I am still finishing up transfering linuxfromscratch.org 
to a new domain. I just got control over the domain legally (somebody else 
registered it for me as a contribution to LFS) so I'm going to move it to BC 
Publishing's registrar. That means one of these days I have to start setting 
up a new DNS server From Scratch (tm) which is a delicate matter. If I do it 
wrong, things don't work anymore including my email so it's an important 
thing. Then I have ALFS to start on. I promised that I would start yesterday 
but then my DSL link died and it's still not working. I only get 10 hours 
dial-up access so I have to save that until my ISP fixes the DSL link. So I'm 
constantly on the phone with them. I have an LFS InfoSystem to work on. I 
have a website to work on. All these extra things (writing book, DNS, 
InfoSys, ALFS, website) have to be done in between my regular job. And on top 
of that there are only 24 hours in a day in which this can be done....

So if anybody has comments and thinks the book could and should be better I 
do prefer you actually helping out by re-writing the broken sections and 
submit them to me. Else you just have to wait until I get around it and it 
can take several weeks to several months before it's done.

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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