Wierd shutdown problem..

Daniel Davis planetes at mediaone.net
Sat Aug 26 14:56:36 PDT 2000

I apologize if you replied once.  I never recieved it and I figured with the
mail problems you mentioned that it might've been a qwirk..

Ok, I'll try your suggestion and let you know the results..


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Date: Saturday, August 26, 2000 1:37 PM
Subject: Re: Wierd shutdown problem..

>> Ok guys here's the situation.. I set up 2.3.5 version of LFS a while ago
and was using it fine until the other day when I trashed my system.
(actually, the HD died)  anyway, I reinstalled using the 2.3.7 but when I do
a shutdown, either by way of CTRL-ALT-DEL or the actually shutdown command
it says that it's entering run level 6, stopping and then killing
>> Which makes sense.. it gets as far as running the sendsignals script..
Now, when it proceeds it says:Please enter root password for system
maintenance or press Ctrl-D to continue.. the same prompt linux has always
given me if the checkfs script croaks badly..
>> I enter the password and it drops to a prompt, I can run S90umounts and
S99reboot manually and they work..  Any idea what would cause this?
>I thought I already replied to it. But apparently not. Deja-vu (all over
>It can be that your S* scripts aren't ran at all. Try creating a new
>file /etc/init.d/test containing:
>#begin test
>echo "Testing 1 2 3"
>#end test
>and the following symlink:
> cd /etc/rc0.d
> ln -s ../init.d/test S10test
> cd ../rc6.d
> ln -s ../init.d/test S10test
>Now halt or shutdown and see if it helps. If not, the rc script might be
>having a problem. Try copy/pasting it again from LFS-2.3.7 but make sure
>you copy/paste it from within Linux and not from within a DOS/Win9x/NT
>based system. They create DOS text format files and not Linux text
>format files.
>Gerard Beekmans
>-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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