Wierd shutdown problem..

Daniel Davis planetes at mediaone.net
Fri Aug 25 19:23:24 PDT 2000

Ok guys here's the situation.. I set up 2.3.5 version of LFS a while ago and was using it fine until the other day when I trashed my system.  (actually, the HD died)  anyway, I reinstalled using the 2.3.7 but when I do a shutdown, either by way of CTRL-ALT-DEL or the actually shutdown command it says that it's entering run level 6, stopping and then killing processes..  
Which makes sense.. it gets as far as running the sendsignals script..  Now, when it proceeds it says:Please enter root password for system maintenance or press Ctrl-D to continue.. the same prompt linux has always given me if the checkfs script croaks badly..  
I enter the password and it drops to a prompt, I can run S90umounts and S99reboot manually and they work..  Any idea what would cause this?
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