REQ.: Ideas for LFS advocacy

Jason Gurtz flare at
Sun Aug 20 18:04:13 PDT 2000

To All,

	Here's somthing I don't see discussed to much:  What to tell the person who
says, "Why should I go to the trouble, instead of just installing RH, Deb,
Slak, etc..."?  I've thought of a few reasons myself:  Learn somthing,
performance, "exactly how you want it", stability, ease of cutomization.
I'm sure there's other reasons too, in a more detailed sense.  I also think
it might be good to come up with an LFS-Advocacy-mini-HOWTO, which I would
be willing to write, givin some input.  Not coincedentaly I schedualed
myself to make a presentation on LFS at my local Linux users group at the
september meeting.  I know there's interest in the group (people have
mentioned it some) but maybe they've been reluctent to give it a go.

Thoughts?, Ideas?


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