FHS compliance (kinda howto short)

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at gmx.de
Wed Aug 9 13:20:34 PDT 2000

( Mit, 09 Aug 2000 ) Justin Judd <-- :
> Did you take notes on which packages required changes? I'm curious because
> I was going to try this myself.

I did it on paper with what results, and for every configure I have a
script which gives the corresponding working commands.

Basically you can define all possible options with configure (if one option
is unknown you get a message so you can have a closer look). Or do a
configure --help first.

That were all packages, because not only our standard prefix had to
be changed but many have still the old man and info dirs as default,
some needed datadir to be changed to /usr/share/package and 
nearly all which use the var directory which you change with the
xxstatedir options. (And I built a bilingual man system).

some are already older versions, so later ones might differ
Hacks were: 
ed-0.2, mawk-1.3.3, findutils-4.1, flex-2.5.4, bzip2-1.0.0, diffutils-2.7,
gzip-1.2.4, lilo-21.4.2, procinfo-17, procps-2.0.6, psmisc-19, sed-0.4.1,
sysvinit-2.78, sysklogd-1.3.31, also vim and perl to fit better (older vers)
Remarks were:
m4-1.4 never change infodir
groff-1.15 first configure than change Makefile, faster

I thought of auto-hack but than decided that in a building stage that's
not a good idea.


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