FHS compliance (/usr/share/nls)

Erika Pacholleck Pacholleck.E at gmx.de
Wed Aug 9 12:44:46 PDT 2000

( Mit, 09 Aug 2000 ) padami at balcab.ch <-- :
> Okay, you're speaking about the locale dir and there I 
> have files too, but you didn't say what files you have 
> in nls. I still don't have any in there ;-)

of course you will not have, because this means
1. you must need nls
2. you must adjust everything to go there before compiling
3. you must compile enable-nls
4. (or do it all by hand with the gettext tools)
if you only enable-nls it is installed in the default dir and
this your /locale/ dir.

> > --------- see these lines ---------------
> > /usr/share/nls : this is what is normally installed as
> > /usr/share/locale/<short country code>
> > the contents of it are all those .(g)mo files which
> > translate english messages into your native language.
> >
> > >-- SNIPPED --<
> > --------- see these lines ---------------
> > so german-translated messages for gcc would FHS be 
> > /usr/share/nls/de/LC_MESSAGES/gcc.mo
--- ^^^ SORRY, my mistake, I left out naming the subdirectory

the translation will do this for me:
instead of "cannot guess hosttype, you must specify one" 
I read "--host= Angabe vergessen"
Note: this is NOT the standard translation but MY very own
and it is against all "standard" to translate literally.

to be very precise (as I am german I use the /de):
some still missing cause I did not have the time to rewrite them

If you have an ordinary distribution at hand you will find the
corresponding files in your /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES.
By the way, with an editor you can read the message parts in it.

Just compare what is the contents in
/usr/share/locale/de_CH (<- this one stays here) and 
/usr/share/locale(<- now nls)/de 


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