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Claudio Nieder private at
Sat Aug 5 14:33:11 PDT 2000


I currently making an LFS installation based on 2.3.7. After entering
the chroot'ed environment I notived, that it is polluted by all the
environment variables which exist in my normal environment. Most like
SUSE_DOC_HOST=localhost are just there for nothing, but it might be that
some like LANG or LD_LIBRARY_PATH might cause some harm or at least some

One way to avoid this, would be to use env to set up a fresh
environment, i.e. enter the chroot'ed environment with this command:

   root:~# chroot /mnt env -i CFLAGS="-O3 --mcpu=xxx -march=yyy" \
   > CXXFLAGS="-O3 -mcpu=xxx -march=yyy" bash --login

Then you end up with an environment which contains just CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS
plus the few variables set up by bash.

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