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Joachim Blaabjerg styx at
Tue Jan 12 08:43:04 PST 1999

"Scot Mc Pherson" <behomet at> wrote:

> You know I have heard a lot of people talk about rebuilding their LFS
> and that there LFS box is so and so and such and such...
> I just have a crazy question....Is there anyone with only LFS, or
> LFS on their systems? I myself have 4 computer. One Windows98SE for my
> (I gotta live with it), a RedHat7 Firewall/Perimeter server, and two
> The firewall will become LFS as well when I can get another similar
> to build the firewall on (I can't just begin building on the existing
> firewall, I need the firewall up)
> But anyway, who uses LFS almost exclusively?
> Scot Mc Pherson
> ~Linux is a journey, not a guided tour~

I use LFS exclusively on both my workstation and server (SuxOS on the
server, but it's LFS-based). I don't see any reason why I should use
anything else :)

Joachim Blaabjerg
styx at
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