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Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 08, 2006 at 11:49:51AM +0000, Florian E. Teply wrote:
>> Umm, well i'm talking about both the console and X. Basically i got it
>> working both in the console and in X, with less flaws in the console.
>> Right now it looks to me as if i just have to add some keycodes for the
>> characters missing. There are more missing chars in X than in the
>> console though, maybe it's got to do with the installed fonts as well.
>  In the console, available characters are severely limited, but you
> should be ok for the standard characters (I don't have any non-UK /
> non-US keyboards, so I can't test that statement).  In X, fonts are
> key.  If you use TTFs, possibly see any responses to my posting today
> on BLFS-support, or failing that use DejaVu as in BLFS's page on
> configuring X.
For the console, i'm by now quite settled, thanks for the pointer. Funny
thing: even though Apple used to use quite off-track keyboard circuitry,
 the keyboard in my wallstreet generates "standard" i386 scancodes. No
wonder all those pc specific keymaps didn't work... ;-) For the chars i
was missing i just had to find a free key for the nonexistant AltGr as
both alt keys generate the same keycode. Well, i had no idea how to use
the command and apple keys in any clever way, so i decided to redefine
the command key for AltGr and now it works flawlessly. Will probably use
the apple key in X for some menu/window stuff like "close window" and
"open up menu"...
> [...]
>> Well, i still gotta work out how to include those modifier keys, but
>> thanks for the hint.
>  For the console, 'man 5 keymaps' and look at the various keymaps in
> /lib/kbd or /usr/share/kbd or wherever for more examples (usually,
> the files in keymaps/i386, not keymaps/mac or keymaps/ppc, but
> YMMV).
umm, my mileage varies quite a lot in this respect as i tried to tidy up
the manpages section yesterday. Ya know, i don't have any particular use
for manpages in chinese or japanese, and along with that i'm rather
short on diskspace (6 Gigs isn't much for MacOS AND Linux...). So i
decided to remove them. Unfortunately, a typo took place, in "rm -rf
/usr/local/man/z*" i somehow missed the z, so all manpages got dumped
<8-). Sh** happens, but: who needs manpages anyways? ;-)

>  For X, some examples are in the X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose file
> for recent versions of X and UTF-8, but where to put them is a
> different matter.  At the moment, I'm trying to get everything I
> want by using AltGr + {=,;,',[,],#,/} as dead keys (hint to follow
> eventually, it's changed a lot since the first version I mentioned a
> few weeks ago) because gtk2 respects this.  I've had Compose working
> in the past (gtk2 doesn't respect it, but it is a lot easier to
> remember for a limited set of accents) but at the moment it seems I
> can't get Compose to work with AltGr as ISO_LEVEL3_SHIFT.
Will have a look at this, thanks for the hint and help!


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