Keymaps and how to make them

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Sun Oct 8 09:14:34 PDT 2006

On Sun, Oct 08, 2006 at 11:49:51AM +0000, Florian E. Teply wrote:
> > 
> Umm, well i'm talking about both the console and X. Basically i got it
> working both in the console and in X, with less flaws in the console.
> Right now it looks to me as if i just have to add some keycodes for the
> characters missing. There are more missing chars in X than in the
> console though, maybe it's got to do with the installed fonts as well.

 In the console, available characters are severely limited, but you
should be ok for the standard characters (I don't have any non-UK /
non-US keyboards, so I can't test that statement).  In X, fonts are
key.  If you use TTFs, possibly see any responses to my posting today
on BLFS-support, or failing that use DejaVu as in BLFS's page on
configuring X.

> Well, i still gotta work out how to include those modifier keys, but
> thanks for the hint.

 For the console, 'man 5 keymaps' and look at the various keymaps in
/lib/kbd or /usr/share/kbd or wherever for more examples (usually,
the files in keymaps/i386, not keymaps/mac or keymaps/ppc, but

 For X, some examples are in the X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose file
for recent versions of X and UTF-8, but where to put them is a
different matter.  At the moment, I'm trying to get everything I
want by using AltGr + {=,;,',[,],#,/} as dead keys (hint to follow
eventually, it's changed a lot since the first version I mentioned a
few weeks ago) because gtk2 respects this.  I've had Compose working
in the past (gtk2 doesn't respect it, but it is a lot easier to
remember for a limited set of accents) but at the moment it seems I
can't get Compose to work with AltGr as ISO_LEVEL3_SHIFT.

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