Beryl & Nvidia (Xgl

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Sun Oct 8 07:36:31 PDT 2006

On 10/7/06, Brandon Peirce <brandon_peirce at> wrote:
> Alan Lord wrote:
> >Matthew Burgess wrote:
> >>Alan Lord wrote:
> >>>Ubuntu is a nice distro, but like all of them pretty much, they seem to
> >>>install so much unnecessary stuff. And I don't want GNOME!
> >>
> >>Erm, Kubuntu?  Admittedly, it doesn't get around the "unnecessary stuff"
> >>issue, but it certainly works around the GNOME "problem" :-)
> >>
> >I didn't quite mean that... The beryl fork has almost completely removed
> >dependencies on Gnome. I would like to get this working with something like
> >XFCE but on a "proper" distro like my LFS!
> I've no idea what this beryl thingy is but personally Ubuntu is definitely
> growing on me as an easy-to-get-everthing-working intermediate solution
> until I get round to building everything myself.
> Likewise, I don't particularly want GNOME and I certainly don't want KDE!!!
> Then I discovered Xubuntu (xfce), and I'm quit impressed. I just did an
> sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop
> or something like that on top of the new dapper release I just installed
> on a PIII laptop I inherited and so still have access to the "standard"
> Ubuntu apps like instead of Abiword, etc.
> There's no CD for Xubuntu AFAICT so the cleanest way would probably
> be a minumum server install and then install xubuntu-desktop over that.
> But cool as it is, let's not waste anymore bandwidth on that, and get
> back to the serious business of building our own systems the way
> we want them :-)
> Brandon.

There's not an official CD (not a real Ubuntu project with Shipit and
all) but [1] is what you're probably looking for.


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