Beryl & Nvidia (Xgl)

Brandon Peirce brandon_peirce at
Sat Oct 7 12:05:14 PDT 2006

Alan Lord wrote:
>Matthew Burgess wrote:
>>Alan Lord wrote:
>>>Ubuntu is a nice distro, but like all of them pretty much, they seem to 
>>>install so much unnecessary stuff. And I don't want GNOME!
>>Erm, Kubuntu?  Admittedly, it doesn't get around the "unnecessary stuff" 
>>issue, but it certainly works around the GNOME "problem" :-)
>I didn't quite mean that... The beryl fork has almost completely removed 
>dependencies on Gnome. I would like to get this working with something like 
>XFCE but on a "proper" distro like my LFS!

I've no idea what this beryl thingy is but personally Ubuntu is definitely
growing on me as an easy-to-get-everthing-working intermediate solution
until I get round to building everything myself.

Likewise, I don't particularly want GNOME and I certainly don't want KDE!!!
Then I discovered Xubuntu (xfce), and I'm quit impressed. I just did an
sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop
or something like that on top of the new dapper release I just installed
on a PIII laptop I inherited and so still have access to the "standard"
Ubuntu apps like instead of Abiword, etc.
There's no CD for Xubuntu AFAICT so the cleanest way would probably
be a minumum server install and then install xubuntu-desktop over that.

But cool as it is, let's not waste anymore bandwidth on that, and get
back to the serious business of building our own systems the way
we want them :-)


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