Beryl & Nvidia (Xgl)

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Fri Oct 6 15:24:28 PDT 2006

Just a quick update for those who are interested:

For brevity, I installed Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) which has Xorg 7.1 (which 
includes AIGLX).

To get Beryl (As was: compiz-quinnstorm) running I followed a how-to 
note on the Beryl forum site. This basically involved updating a few 
packages and installing the binary Beta Nvidia driver.

As a test, I have set this up on a rather old machine: A Dell Dimension 
with 256Mb of RAMBUS (eeeuuuchhhh!) and an old P4 running at 2Ghz I 
think. My graphics card is a similarly ancient AGP slot Nvidia MX/400.

Beryl runs smoothly and with no noticeable performance hit. Eye Candy 
all works as expected.

Now the theory is proven; time to build a shiny new LFS/BLFS and get 
this new gear running on a "lean" machine. Ubuntu is a nice distro, but 
like all of them pretty much, they seem to install so much unnecessary 
stuff. And I don't want GNOME!


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