DBUS/HAL and udev-056

The Isolationist isolationist at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Jun 26 02:25:49 PDT 2006


I have just built LFS 6.1.1 and have started to compile KDE-libs and 
KDE-base (3.5.3).  I am finding it very difficult to get DBUS/HAL working 
with udev-056, as it throws a parse error when trying to read 90-hal.rules.  
I suspect this is because the RUN token is not supported by udev-056.  At 
the moment I am struggling to upgrade udev-056 and getting it to work with 
DBUS/HAL.  Therefore is it worth waiting for the next release of LFS, which 
I presume will have a more recent version of udev?

Maybe this is one for the BLFS mailing list :(


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