Problem with Ncurses-5.4 install

Deepak Mishra mishradk at
Mon Jun 12 12:30:23 PDT 2006

Hi all,
I am following LFS V6.1.1 Version and at this point I am trying to
install Ncurses 5.4.
I did a ./configure with parameters as listed in the book.
now i also successfuly did a make
now when i am trying to do make install i am getting error.

The install script is trying to make a dir /roots which is already
present so fails.
pleasse tell me what should i do. can i comment this line and continue install?
this is happening at the starting of the script.
It is trying to create a dir /tools  and then it is again trying to
create /tools/man and then it fails.

Please help in this..
thanks in adv.

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