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Stef Bon stef at
Fri Jun 9 01:02:41 PDT 2006

Alan Lord wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> It would be *really* useful if I could centralise all this mail in one
> place and be able to read/send from any of the PCs in the house. I use
> Thunderbird, my wife uses Outlook. We could both do with having access
> to certain mail accounts (for our eBay business) where the incoming mail
> could be stored locally and when we access that account we both get
> copies of it as "new" mail.
Well, what you need looks a lot like the situation at my place:

- an own domain ( and
- a shared network with 15 clients (most of them W2K/XP/W98, some(mine) LFS)
- some clients use their own mail (hotmail/gmail) and do not need any extra
- some clients (6) have an emailaddress on my domains.
- email addressed to me come from an old pop3 account from an ISP, others
are addressed to me directly via the emailaddress I have on my own domain.
- everybody is able to send her/his email using one central mailserver
- everybody having an emailaddress on my domain has a postbox. This postbox
is a POP3 or an IMAP based box. Everybody can choose what she/he likes.

This is done with:

- postfix mailserver (
- procmail 
- dbmail ( (a POP3 and IMAP server for storing email on a
central place, needs a mysql or a postgresql database) 


- spamassassin for filtering Spam
- clamav in combination with clamsmtp for virus filtering
- fetchmail for fetching my old pop3 accounts and storing in central place

There are enough howto's that describe how to install and configure this.

Hope to be of any help

Stef Bon

PS if you can't find any guides I will look futher.

PS with IMAP I'm able to manage my emails on any host/system!

> I have never looked into this at all and it was only seeing rblythe's
> post which prompted me to actually start thinking about it again.
> If anyone has any pointers for research to get me going I'd appreciate it.
> Al

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