Mail serving/retrieving/storage etc...

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Fri Jun 9 00:13:06 PDT 2006

Hi everyone,

Following on from rblythe's original post on BLFS Support "Postfix, 
Thunderbird and separate shared e-mail partition" I have been meaning to 
try and get my head round a similar setup but just never got round to it.

In our house (UK), we have 4 or 5 PCs. The house is flood wired with 
100Mb/ GigE ethernet (don't like wireless with young kids...)

In my office I have a 16 port switch connected to a dsl router which 
provides NAT functions and DHCP serving. We do not have a fixed IP 
address for the WAN - the ISP assigns one when the dsl line comes up.

Half of the PCs are M$oft; currently. Two/three are LFS.

I could really do with installing some kind of server between us and the 
outside world to do a few different things: one of them is (I think this 
is the right description) to act a local mail server. We (the family) 
have lots of email address, on multiple mail hosts (our ISP, hotmail, 
gmail, my business domain hosts etc etc).

It would be *really* useful if I could centralise all this mail in one 
place and be able to read/send from any of the PCs in the house. I use 
Thunderbird, my wife uses Outlook. We could both do with having access 
to certain mail accounts (for our eBay business) where the incoming mail 
could be stored locally and when we access that account we both get 
copies of it as "new" mail.

I have never looked into this at all and it was only seeing rblythe's 
post which prompted me to actually start thinking about it again.

If anyone has any pointers for research to get me going I'd appreciate it.



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