General question about metal strength

Shane Johnson SDJ at
Wed Feb 22 09:05:48 PST 2006

Have you looked into carbon fiber?  I don't know that particulars about 
it but it may be of some use.


Brandon Peirce wrote:

> Robert Connolly wrote:
>> So anyway, here's my problem. The largest granite slabs I work with 
>> are about
>> 1500 pounds. 1500 pounds dropped at terminal velocity will become about
>> 24,500 pounds of kinetic energy. To allow for environment temperature
>> variations, uneven surfaces, and angled impacts, I want a boot with a 
>> 25 ton
>> (50,000 pound) capacity.
> To be honest, if I had a 25ton slab of granite approaching me at 
> terminal velocity, I would want to be more than half a foot away from 
> where it was about to land--about 10 metres minimum. And the lighter 
> your shoes the quicker you're gonna be able to jump/run out of the way.
> IMO, it would be to have regularly spaced "pits"/"trenches" to stand in,
> with the ground in between them able to carry the weight of the 
> granite slab bridged accross the gaps.
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