Some questions.

Ag Hatzim zkom.xl at
Thu Feb 9 10:49:35 PST 2006

Spencer Collyer(spencer at, Feb 09, 2006 at 02:43:59PM +0000:
> On Thu, 9 Feb 2006 07:13:14 +0200, Ag Hatzim wrote:
> > Test question. :)
> > Q.The name of the movie. 
> It's Ice Age. One of mine and the wife's favourite movies (it gets watched at least once every two months :-) )

Well Spencer,you can count four more fans. :)
One of mine,my wife's and our kids favourite movies (it gets watched at least
once every 20 days :-) ).

And just for fun ... I just wonder,did you ever cross from your minds,that Diego had
never had any intentions to capture the baby,from the very first moment?
I mean he could catch the baby anytime he wanted,but he didn't.

Anyway if it was an open source movie i could make a patch to the plot.
Basically all it has to do is with Diego story.

+ Diego had also a kid 
+ Soto put him in a position to choose between his kid or the young hunan babe.



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