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Philipp Christian Ammann pca at
Thu Feb 9 10:34:58 PST 2006


William Harrington wrote:
 > For processors there are a few ideas out there. There are LV Intel
 > Pentium III's that have thermal designs from 10.63 to 12.1 W ranging
 > from 800 to 1GB at a 133MHz FSB. Also you'd be stuck with finding PC133
 > SDRAM for any board that would deal with that. An ideal motherboard that
 > would be ideal with this cpu would have onboard video, and networking,
 > and not necessarily sound.

I'm currently using a p3-coppermine at 1GHz, but the board seems to die :(

 > I don't know if you can find equivelant specs with any AMD processors
 > but you might.

NP, i prefer intel ;) (at least the coppermine and thus the pentium-m :))

 > With your drives, you might consider solid state drives rather than
 > mechanical drives.

Solid state drives? I just heard some myths about IBM designing this, 
but i never saw or read about one.

 > You should aim to calculate your computer's power consumption between
 > 100 and 150 Watts if possible.

Fewer, if possible. (under 30W when idle)
Another problem is the dimension of the power supply. A 100W supply at 
full load has less loss than a 200W at 50%. But what about spikes? I don't 
know (yet) exactly how this works, so could you give me some explanation?

Ken Moffat wrote:
>  Actually, if you can still get an agp mobo, and use a low-spec graphics 
> card (e.g. old radeon 7500, or 9200se)

are they still produced? I believe they're already 3-4 years old. Not 
that i need more power, i just need a card that

  - has been designed by a developer who knows what VESA is
  - thus supports framebuffer
  - is hardware accelerated
  - is dual-headed (probably the biggest problem)

at the moment i use a matrox G450 which performs quite well.

thanks for your information so far,


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