Some questions.

Ag Hatzim zkom.xl at
Wed Feb 8 21:13:14 PST 2006

Hi all.

I realized last night,that i never asked a single question,on these lists.
So here are some.

First,and if you like to play, :) view the linked screenshot,568 kb,(an ugly mosaic 
of some common applications).
I am running them under fvwm-2.5.16,(background is an earth image from xplanet).


First an easy one.
Q.What time is it (screenshot time)?

Second a little more difficult.
Q.Where my $EDITOR is hiding?

Test question. :)
Q.The name of the movie. 
I can help you a bit.
Tiger (the leader): "Diego bring the babe to me [small pause] 
For to enjoy my revenge,i want it (the baby) fresh (emphasis)" :)

Trick question (an easy one).
Q.Where the eg is hiding?

A very simple one.
Q.The sound (well almost)of it,is illegal.

You can go up or down with them.

Q.Where is the ascii art? ( No,it's not the penguin).

Q.There are 2 of them,for exactly the same job.
The one is blue and the other red.

Rather easy.
I an using it right *now*.
Q.Where the hell is it?

The $ is not the only difference,between them.

The easiest.
Q.And the score is?

My favorite.
Its really pity that,the most beautiful place on it (screenshot),you can't
see it ,neither do i.(It's not the moon,which btw -the moon- is hiding by the movie)

Quite hard to solve.
Q.Either the one or the other?
Q.Where is the screen hiding?
Q.Where the common misconception is hidding? (You will never find
it,or else you will be a lucky bastard).

And the last one and perhaps an unanswered one. :) i am kidding,is
rather easy.
Q.There is an obvious uncompleted command.


My best regards.

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