Recommend a router?

Rob Park rbpark at
Tue Sep 30 13:25:46 PDT 2003

Archaic wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 12:11:14AM -0600, Rob Park wrote:
>>The router needs to have a web interface for configuration, because I 
>>like that sort of thing... I've heard some good things about Linksys 
>>routers, but I'm looking for a second opinion.
> Here's your second opinion. I have 2 I've been using for 3 years. Easy
> as pie to configure. Very good level of customization detail.

Cool, ok :)

> Also, dump that hub quick. It's sucking your bandwidth up.

How so?

The HUB is just what I had lying around at the time that I put the 
network together. It works, both computers have net access.

Specifically, my goal for the router is to share my printer with mom's 
computer, via CUPS, over the local network. I could just share it with 
the world and then firewall the port so only her IP can access it, but 
I'm not comfortable with that idea (in case her IP address changes, or 
something). It'd also be nice to have an easy way to share files, via 
NFS or something, as we currently have to email files to each other :)

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