kppp loging problems

Gareth Westwood gareth at
Sat Sep 20 06:11:02 PDT 2003

Hi all,
When kppp drops it's connection I get told that it cant find any of the 
log files it wants. I forget exactly what it is looking for but I was 
wondering how one should go about fixing this problem.

My first thought was to look for some setting somewhere that tells it 
what file to use. That proved fruitless.

Second I thought about makeing symlinks from the files it wants to the 
files that I want it to use.

Then I though that there must be a "cleaner" way of doing this, but I 
would assume that involves messing round with the source and I realy 
don't feel confident doing that (I don't know C). So I was wondering if 
anyone else has had/resolved this problem and how they fixed it.

Gareth Westwood
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