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Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at
Thu Sep 18 21:20:29 PDT 2003

Björn Lindberg wrote:
> [...]
> > O      <  25: Anderson Lizardo       >
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> This section however, consists of broken threads. The <>'s means that
> the message is not properly threaded in relation to its parent. As I
> understand it, Gnus primarily works with the references header, but
> falls back to using the subject line. So the broken messages will
> appear below the original message, but not correctly threaded in
> relation to its parent.

Okay, I can explain why, in particular, my e-mails aren't threading 
correctly (and probably never will). I use some kind of 
MUA-to-webinterface system to send my e-mails through Yahoo!. When I 
answer to a message, it is sent as a new one, not as part of an 
existing thread (in other words, it lacks some reference headers used 
to identify the message position inside the thread).

Due to some problems with my ISP's SMTP server (it is often off-line and 
doesn't accept other mail on the From: header than that it was designed 
to - login at :-/), I have to live with this interface 
(that has no problem; Yahoo! Mail is fast and never lost my mails). So, 
sorry guys. I can't resolve it from my end.

Anderson Lizardo

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