My monitor is dying

Richard Vodden richard at
Sun Sep 7 02:58:25 PDT 2003

On top of that, most often TFT displays have a 25ms update time. If you
do the math, this works out as 40Hz (equivalent). OK, it doesn't flicker
in the way that a CRT does at that frequency, but 25ms is the kind of
delay you'll notice if playing games. You can (just) about get 16ms
update displays now, but even that is 62.5Hz which is a fairly poor
refresh rate.

Andy Bennett wrote:
> Hi,
>> Any issues I should care about? Preferred/unpreferred manufacturer,
>> model?
>> How good are the Korean, Taiwanese, etc. cheap monitors? Anything else?
> Personally, I prefer a good quality CRT to an LCD. - I have an Iiyama
> Vision Master Pro 17" and it is truely wonderful. - A joy to use for
> long periods of time, sharp, crips, correct brightness and no glare.
> I would avoid an LCD for tho following reasons:
> They get dim quickly - aftert about a year or so you will have to turn
> the brightness and contrast controls right up. - After you have done
> this it will be usable again for a bit, until it gets dim again.
> I have not seen one that does a resolution greater than 1,280x1,024. -
> OK, I use this resolution at 85Hz on my CRT, but the monitor /can/ do up
> to 1,600 x 1,200.
> ~ If these are not a problem for you then go for an LCD, but make sure
> you get a 17" digital one.
> CRTs are inherently analog and so is the signal that comes out of the
> graphics card. - The picture signal inside the card is digital and then
> it gets converted to analogue just before the VGA connector.
> LCDs are inherently digital, so if you feed them with an analogue signal
> they have to convert it back to digital. This means that the signal is
> converted from digital to analogue and then back to digital. - If the
> DACS or ADCs are of poor quality (or even if they are not) you will
> suffer some loss of picture quality. If you feed the LCD with a digital
> signal then you are doing it right. - Try putting a digital and analogue
> LCD side by side.
> Therefore, if you decide to go for an LCD then you will want to get a
> digital graphics card as well. (One with a DVI connector.)
> CRTs are still preferable for gaming - They do not suffer from
> "smudging" or "smearing" when objects move quickly across them.
> When buying a CRT I would recommend an Iiyama.
> Make sure you get a small dot pitch (the space between the pixels)
> Make sure you get a large video bandwidth (the larger the bandwidth, the
> crisper the image)
> Diamondtron tubes are better (IMHO) than trinitron tubes. - Google for
> this.
> Also google for the difference between shadow masks and aperture grills.
> Make sure the monitor that you choose can do the resolution that you
> require at a refresh rate of 85Hz.
> Some 19" CRTs also come up with short tubes. - This makes them about as
> deep as a 17" monitor as opposed to huge beasties.
> That's all I can think of right now. - Feel free to ask more.
> Regards,
> @ndy

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