Successfully building HJ Lu binutils- in CVS chapter 6?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Fri Sep 5 07:05:43 PDT 2003

Sebastien Maerten wrote:
> m4 didn't change anything in fact. I seem to have had the same problem 
> with bison. However, I carried on with gnu binutils-2.14 and didn't see 
> any problems yet.

I've found it quite straightforward to get pass the bison problem. 
During the binutils build, it wants to use "bison -y -d" on both 
binutils/arparse.y and ld/ldgram.y.

So, once the "make" fails on the first one, go into your 
binutils-build/binutils directory, and do these commands:

bison -d -y ../../binutils*6/binutils/arparse.y
mv arparse.c
mv arparse.h

Then, move into the binutils-build/ld directory, and do:

bison -d -y ../../binutils*6/ld/ldgram.y
mv ldgram.c
mv ldgram.h

These are the same steps the yywrap script would do. At that point you 
can move back to the binutils-build main directory and run "make" 
again. It should now complete without errors.

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