console p2p

Rob Park rbpark at
Thu Oct 30 12:45:34 PST 2003

Steve Jones wrote:
> Does anyone know of a console based p2p client,  I've searched and
> everything I can find is X based.  I need a console based client since I
> have a tiny dial-up pipe but access to a big one through ssh.  The idea
> is to collect files on the fast connection and do incremental downloads
> to home.

There's giFT (, which is a pretty cool client. The 
default interface is written in ncurses, which is a client thing (it's 
really very sexy, look at the screenshots on the page :)

giFT is designed to be totally modular; that means that there's a daemon 
that runs and accesses the p2p network for you, and a client that 
connects to the daemon to provide a user interface. There are giFT 
clients written in Qt for KDE, GTK2 for Gnome, and ncurses, and a few 
others I think. But it also means that it can access any p2p protocol 
(in theory). Right now, there are only plugins for gnutella and OpenFT, 
though (OpenFT is a new p2p protocol started by the giFT people, it was 
originally meant to be compatible with kazaa, but the kazaa developers 
made it deliberately difficult to do that, so they went off on their own 
and now they have a separate network).

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