Warner Village Cinemas (Don't Go)

Dylan Franklin dyl2000 at hotpop.com
Thu Oct 30 06:26:04 PST 2003

Last night I went to go and see Bad Boys II (Well recomend it). I decided to
go to the local Warner Village Cinema.

After puting my credit card in the credit card machine it told me to go and
get my tickets from the box office. Lovely I thought, that looked like a 10
minute wait in the que. So I thought, what if the programmer of the machine
(it runs on windows) didn't do a paper check. I was correct, I put my card
in the next machine and suprise suprise it worked.

So then a bit happier I went to go and get my high priced popcorn and
expensive coke. The queue looked quite big. I wandered why that was, suprise
suprise only half the staff are working and the other members of staff just
stand there looking like a bunch of twats. When I got my turn, i asked for a
salted popcorn and the answer was they had run out. How can you f***** run
out of pop corn in a cinema. So I had crappy nachos instead.

Anyway, looked on the web site to complain, ther eis not even a contact
email address available for such complaints.

So now i am just even more pissed off.

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