Conexant Chipset ADSL Modem/Router and line drops

Bennett Todd bet at
Tue Oct 21 12:11:35 PDT 2003

2003-10-21T14:50:55 S. Anthony Sequeira:
> Anyone come across this.

I can't say I have. This is a weirdie.

> The router drops the line under heavy activity.

That sounds like the essential observation.

> The only cure is a power cycle (not a reset).

And that makes it sound like a hardware problem with the router

> I have narrowed it down to fetchmail+spamassassin, which uses the
> Razor, Pyzor and DCC databases.

Unless these are running on the router, I can't see how such details
could affect it.

> If I disable fetchmail and SA (just use Evolution's POP),
> everything is hunky dory.

I.e. when you stop sucking down the whole mailbox and just interact
with the remote mailbox via pop, the router doesn't keel over.

> Next I'll try fetchmail without SA, I have a feeling that the
> problem lies with SA and friends.

I really look forward to hearing the results of that test; I'd
expect losing Spamassassin's throttling effect and letting fetchmail
rip alone would make the problem much worse.

Unless, that is, you've got one system that's both your mail server
(running fetchmail, spamassassin, et al) and also the router, and
_it's_ what's dying. But your mention of upgrading the firmware
makes it sound like the router is an external appliance.

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