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On Fri, 17 Oct 2003 11:18:33 -0400
gbbenson68 at netscape.net (Guy Benson) wrote:

> Basically, what I read from some of the reviews was that the C3 did
> not perform as well as an Athlon/P4. The basic reason was that AMD and
> Intel have add-ons to the basic x86 (i.e. 3DNow!) that the C3 doesn't
> have.

The major 'omission' on the C3s is the 'cmov' instruction. This needs to
be emulated if you run an i686 kernel on it, hence the hit.

its not an issue, really.

people are taking Via M10000 boxes to lan parties to play Q3 / UT2003
on. they work.

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