For those using Firebird and Thunderbird

Gareth Westwood gareth at
Thu Oct 16 17:40:23 PDT 2003

Rob Park wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've just written a short script that effectively disables the fb/tb 
> "profile manager" (now that firebird 0.7 and thunderbird 0.3 have been 
> released, I've switched from mozilla 1.5rc2).
> If anybody's interested in the script, it's attached.
> To use it, make sure you edit it and change the $FB and $TB variables to 
> point to the directory that you unpacked firebird and thunderbird into.
> Once you've done that, running it without any arguments ('launchmoz') 
> will open a new firebird window (whether firebird is already running or 
> not), and running it with the -mail argument ('launchmoz -mail') will 
> open your thunderbird inbox (whether thunderbird is already running or 
> not).
> You'll never see the profile manager again! Enjoy :)
Nice on Rob, thinks I will be using this. (Need to get thunderbird 
working still). What makes it all the better is that I _Think_ I 
understand what it all says/does. I'm getting better at this linux 
thing. :->>>>

Gareth Westwood
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